Come, Meet Me In The Wadis

I first wrote this poem about a year and a half ago, soon after our visit to Jordan in the Spring of 2017. Our visit was spread over 6 days, and we visited most of the popular spots and tourist destinations. I was left spell-bound by the natural beauty and charm of this quiet little country in the Middle-East. While it is tough to pick a place that I enjoyed visiting the most, the wadis had a mesmerizing effect on me. “Wadi” in Arabic is a dry valley. You would not imagine that a stretch of dry, parched ravines would be so beautiful, but we spent a night in the desert camps of Wadi Rum. One of my most memorable outings ever. Only the sand and the wadis for as far as the eyes could see, a billion stars in the clear evening sky to calm your senses and set you off on a dreamy voyage as you slept in the modest tents, the most delicious Biriyani I have ever eaten that was cooked in a clay pit dug deep in the ground and the majestic still gentleness of the valley…. Wadi Rum left me spell bound with its unsung beauty.

Jordan Wadis


Come, Meet Me In The Wadis

Come, meet me in the wadis
You will see how full of life the barren land can be;
We will rediscover ourselves,
Soothe our souls and set our spirits free

Sit still a moment,
So you can hear the winds whisper secret nothings,
To stir up in you, lofty ambitions and inspired dreams that were stifled deep within

Sit still a moment,
So you can hear the mountains echo the lover’s promise,
To bring alive a burning passion that had long given way to meager existence

Wait with bated breath as the sun sets in the distant horizon
Leaving you with surprising gratitude and twilight hopes of a brighter tomorrow

Be mesmerized as the stars appear one at a time, slowly, lighting up the clear evening sky;
Cajoling you to acknowledge their magnificent beauty as they shine down on you in their full glory

Leave behind your worldly possessions, mere mortal desires and the routine numbness;
Inhale the rich air slowly, singing along to the music of the virgin sands, and the rhythm of the vast and empty wilderness

Etch your stories and proclamations on the limestone caves for eternity,
Or leave your footprints gently in the sands of time until the next breeze carries you into nihility

Come, meet me in the wadis
Where the strong and omnipresent forces of nature
Teach you humility, resilience, and respect Largely strangers hitherto,
or mere acquaintances at best

Where solitude finds lasting companionship
Where emptiness meets infinity,
Where the God fearing and the atheist will both come to appreciate the other’s perspective,
Where time meets eternity

Prompting you to savour each moment that comes your way,
Take not for granted what you have,
Assume not that what is yours will remain true
Come, meet me in the wadis
And I promise to send back a better you.


– S.V.

3 thoughts on “Come, Meet Me In The Wadis

  1. I’m so happy to go to bed after having read two of your beautiful pieces! This poem above, and the write up on “moving to the uk”
    Beautiful pieces of writing both – would love to read the next one, but the bed calls!
    Its amazing what beautiful writing can do to people! Yours being particularly plain and simple, yet complete and with a touch of humour!
    You forgot to mention about the NI no registering – work or NI first!?
    Please keep sharing.
    Thanks and goodnight!


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