English Rains!

It’s raining. Not the typical cat’s piss kind of English drizzle. And seriously, while we are on that topic, nothing more annoying than that. It’s like the weather Gods cannot make up their mind. You cannot decide if you need the trench coat or just a light jacket, if you need the wellies and the umbrella. What if it gets worse? Or what if it stops and the sun comes out for just a wee bit as it often does, and you look like a clown in bright pink rubber boots?  No sir, It’s not that annoying drizzle today. But then, it’s not the deluge that wrecks everything either. Fallen trees and gusty winds that threaten to sweep you off your feet and the kind that forces you to abandon all your plans and grumble in your corner at home.

It’s a steady, reassuring, constant pitter-patter that I just love. It reminds me of home, Bangalore, and them monsoons. It reminds me of all things green and fresh. And it brings to mind hot, spicy food! It signifies growth and prosperity. It’s not depressing. It’s rejuvenating. The fact that we spent two odd years in a country where rain was scarce except for half a dozen days in the year makes me appreciate downpours such as this even more. I bring out my most favorite romantic playlists, I make a big pot of coffee and I end up by the window, gazing out at where the rain drops come in contact with the ground, grateful for everything going right at the moment.

It’s the kind of rain that you would love to drive through, cruising along the motor way with some lovely country music and your dog to keep you company. It’s the kind of rain you and your friends or loved ones will enjoy walking through to get to the tea shop to savor some hot drinks. It’s rain that you can trudge through alone, to sort your thoughts out. The kind of rain that washes your car clean and saves you the weekly drive to the car wash. And when it finally stops, leaves everything around you and on the streets clean and washed like new. What’s not to love about this sort, other than to pray that it starts after you’ve reached work safe and dry in your new formal dress? 😊

If you have come by my blog, do leave me a comment and let me know what you love about the rains. Let’s see what favourite rainy day memories are like!

One thought on “English Rains!

  1. In Mumbai where I grew up, heavy rains were a pleasure, because there was always a chance that schools would be closed ! The rain makes the leaves in the trees greener ! I liked reading this blog, Shilpa !


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